Signode – Leading Manufacturer of Strapping Tools

For the strapping tool and packaging industry, Signode is a name to reckon with. They have been in the strapping tool and equipment business for decades and have carved a niche for themselves world wide. Apart from strapping tools, they also have a wide variety of strapping systems like plastic, steel and cord strapping tools.

Signode has become popular over the years due to the fact that it manufactures top quality products that are reliable and long lasting. It is not only the quality, but the approach of the company towards its customers that has made it popular. When a customer gets a product from Signode, he gets maintenance, technical help and the engineering resources that are needed to meet ongoing packaging needs.

The Signode focus has always been on quality of products and the service they provide. Their products are bound to increase productivity and profits of the customer who can rest assured on the quality product that he/she has purchased. Signode products are cost effective and they take sufficient care that the product reaches the customer in good condition by the way it is effectively packed.

They have top quality products and provide on-site sales and engineering assistance. Their qualified and trained technicians supervise the installation and maintenance of the tools and also proved safety training to the workers on how to operate the tools safely using the right precautions. Apart from this service they also have toll free assistance, emergency service and parts availability.

Signode strapping tools are very popular in the industry. These tools are available in semi-automatic and automatic models.  These tools can be integrated into new or existing production lines and maximize productivity for various applications.

The company also constantly innovates by designing new tools and improving on existing tools. Some of their latest tools have taken the market by storm. Their battery operated tools with the lithium-ion battery from Bosch has made customers excited about this tool because it is fast and efficient, and increases productivity. This battery is very efficient that the charge holds for 300 pulls and it also recharges very quickly in fifteen minutes.

Moreover, all of Signode’s tools are ergonomic in design and this is a very useful to workers. Since the tools are light weight and easy to handle, there is no operator fatigue to deal with and work gets completed on time. This increases productivity and the performance of the company as a whole.


Signode PNSC-2 – A Reliable Strapping Option for Irregular Shaped Packages

Pneumatic push-type combination tools come with several unique features. It is the air power which does all the magic, when it comes to tensioning, sealing and cutting of the strap. And then the push-type seal with overlapping flanges further strengthens the entire process.PNSC2s-275x245 (1)

The PNSC-2 is a pneumatic push-type combination tool which is widely used for steel strapping. Because of its unique and helpful features, the machine is declared one of the most popular pneumatic tools in the Signode family. Thus the manufacturer has given special attention to PNSC tools and come up with three different models to support varied band widths.

Significant features of PNSC-2:

  • PNSC 2-12 to be used with 1/2″ x 0.017-0.023″ strap dimension and 0.5 Inch push type seal
  • PNSC 2-58 to be used with 5/8″ x 0.017-0.023″ dimension and 0.625 Inch push type seal
  • PNSC 2-34 to be used with 3/4″ x 0.017-0.025″ strap dimension and 0.75 Inch normal/heavy duty push seal

Being designed for Apex plus or Magnus steel straps, this PNSC tool is known to pull up to 700 lbs of tension. With 3/4″ strapping, the tension can be as high as 1000 lbs. Then the tool is extremely light, weighing around 9.5 lbs; so it can be operated easily by moving

It is a wise idea to shift to PNSC-2:

It is indeed a wise idea, if your strapping need includes round or irregular shaped loads. Few reasons which are especially compelling:

  • User friendly operation with press of two buttons
  • Pneumatic operation guarantees very fast cycle time and that too without any strapping error
  • The single reverse notch seal joint guarantees maximum joint stability

When it comes to PNSC-2, buyers just can’t find any flaws. No matter how difficult the sealing position is or how harsh the working condition is, this tool is more than equipped to handle any adversities. Operating the tool is indeed easy and you don’t need to invest time and money for training the operator. Strapping can be started immediately after purchasing the tool.

For detailed information or purchase related inquiry about this pneumatic push-type combination tool and other attractive strapping devices from Signode, get in touch with any trustworthy dealer of the company.

BXT2-16 – Signode Three-in-One Battery Powered Strapping Tool

If a tool is sleek, modern, and user friendly, then it has to be from Signode. Such is the name Signode has carved for itself in all these years. The BXT2 series from Signode is getting good review from customers all over. Especially since the BXT2-16 hit the market, the strapping tool industry is very happy with this tool, which is the first tool of its kind that can be operated in fully automatic mode and with a two button operation.

The BXT2-16 is very cost effective and can tension, weld and cut just at the push of a button. This tool is a workman’s dream come true. Added to the great reviews of this tool is the fact that this tool uses the famed lithium-ion battery which is also very popular among industry users. This battery from Bosch has helped tools perform with greater efficiency. Not only did it save costs but also increased the productivity in the work place manifold.

The BXT2-16 uses a brushless motor and runs on a 14.4V Bosch battery. Two batteries and a charger are included with the purchase of this tool.


  • Strap qualities: Polyester and polypropylene
  • Strap width: ½”-5/8”x.016”-0.41”
  • Tension: up to 560 pounds
  • Sealing: Friction weld
  • Light tension: 88-335 pounds
  • Tool weight: 9 pounds

This tool operates both with polyester and polypropylene strapping and this seems to be a very welcome feature in this tool according to users. There is very less wear and tear and the tool has a long lifespan due to the brushless motor.

Also, since it is very light in weight, the workmen can carry it around the work place without any hassle or being tired in the process. Operating the tool is a very simple procedure. The strapping is slid between the gripper foot while the tool is held above the area that needs to be sealed. Since the tension is preset to a particular level and a friction weld seal is applied and in a few steps the process gets over. It is in direct contrast to the manual tools that were in use earlier.

The advantage of BXT2-16 over other tools is that one tool performs what was being performed by three separate tools. This tool has not only reduced operator fatigue but also reduced extra man power and over head costs. Now only one tool has to be maintained instead of three. The wear parts of this tool are easily available and can be repaired very easily.

Allstrap highly recommends in this tool for its great features. Call Allstrap for pricing and other related information.




PN2-114 – Pneumatic Feedwheel Tensioner that Offers Uniform and Precise Tensioning

Strapping tools developed by Signode are true examples of perfection. Being made of premium quality raw material these products guarantee robust construction and longer service life. Also the fact that these strapping products abide by industry specific safety standards, have further attributed to their popularity quotient.PN2-114

The PN2-114 is one product from Signode which guarantees utmost security and reliability for round or irregular shaped packages. What is unique about this pneumatic feedwheel tensioner is its ability to apply extreme and uniform tension but with minimal effort. Applications which demand extreme mobility also benefit from this lightweight tensioner since it can be transported easily, as per operator’s convenience.

Basic features of PN2-114

It can be used with Apex and Magnus steel strap of width 3/4″- 1-1/4″ and thickness 0.020″-0.044″. Few significant features that should be specially highlighted about this tensioner include:

  • Armed with a serrated feedwheel, it can engage the strap firmly, tightening any slack.
  • Weighing around 8 lbs, the tool is very light and doesn’t need to be counter-balanced
  • Can effortlessly pull high tension force up to 1,600 lbs. (7117 N)
  • While the push seal is best suited for uneven shaped packages the closed seal guarantees maximum safety for heavy duty applications.

How the user can benefit by switching to PN2-114

Being considered the sturdiest in the pneumatic push type tensioner category, this specific Signode tool has been acclaimed by industry professionals for its superb performance. Not only that, the tool is applauded for long lasting low maintenance operation too. One aspect of this tool which should be highlighted in this regard is its extreme mobility. There are workplaces, shops or factories where the operator is always on his feet and needs to move from one place to another, carrying the tensioner. With this particular device, they feel much less fatigue. Those who have used this tensioner, emphasizes other benefits like:

  • Unlimited strap take-up
  • Quick replacement of the feedwheel, often in few minutes
  • Uniform and precise tensioning throughout the process

When teamed up with a separate sealer, the duo guarantees unmatched performance. However, to be sure about which kind of sealer best compliments the Signode PN2-114, you need to get in touch with any reputed dealer of Signode.

Signode: Producer of Ergonomic Tools

Signode is well known name in the strapping industry. They deal with several tools, accessories and strapping equipment that is used for strapping applications. They also design and develop these tools according to the industry’s demands. Over the years they have become popular for their varied tools and equipment in the industry.

Signode’s focus has always been to increase productivity and efficiency with their products. They have battery powered tools for poly strapping, cord strapping and steel strapping. All these tools are very efficient and user friendly. They also ensure that the wear tear in their tools are minimum, thus being low maintenance.

These tools can also be operated manually and in the automatic mode. These tools mostly operate at the touch of a button and are very user friendly. All their tools come with a good user manual and workers are able to follow the instructions and work the tool easily.

There are some tools which also come in the semi and automatic modes.  The operator can easily switch from one mode to the other easily. Due to such an easy operation, operator fatigue is highly reduced and the productivity gets increased. The risk of operator injury has also been reduced considerably. These are the reasons, many industries prefer tools from Signode.

Some of their latest tools to hit the market are battery operated tools which use the lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion is a battery which is long lasting. Most of the newer tools which have hit the market in recent times have this battery. These tools come with two lithium-ion batteries and a charger. This battery is good for close to 300 pulls of strapping and the recharging is as quick as 15 minutes. Since one battery is always available as a back-up, work doesn’t get affected.

These tools and strapping devices have become very popular also because they are very strong. There are a lot of options to choose from in tools as well as strapping. Signode caters to several industries, right from lumber to other general industries and oil industries. They have a tool for every kind of application.

There are a lot of Signode products, like the pneumatic tools and automatic battery operated tools, that are innovative and ergonomically designed. Most of their products are light weight so it not only eliminates operator fatigue, it is also portable inside the industry, so that the worker can carry the tool around from one place of work to the other.

BXT2-19: Latest Powered Strapping Tool From Signode

Having increased their focus on productivity, industries keep scouting for new tools in the market that can enhance production easily. In the strapping tools market, new designs and tools are introduced often that would help industries step up their productivity. One such tool to enter the market is the Signode BXT2-19.Signode-BXT2-19

The BXT2-19 is also the first battery powered strapping tool for polyester strapping to run efficiently in the automatic mode. At the touch of a button, the banding is pulled tight and stops precisely when it is tight enough. It then proceeds to weld the strapping and cut the band. The BXT2-19 comes with a good user manual, so that switching band width can be done easily if one wants to. Moreover, the tool comes in both semi and automatic modes. It is easy for the user to switch to the mode he wants to at the touch of a button. Due to the easy operation, it is very cost effective and labor saving. It increases productivity and also cuts the risk of injury.


  • Operator fatigue is highly reduced, due to ease of operation
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Light or regular tension adjustment
  • Accommodates polyester strapping
  • Brushless motor
  • Innovative Battery design


  • Strapping: For use with 5/8″ and 3/4″ (16mm and 19mm) polyester strapping
  • Tension rating : 260 to 880lbs (1200 to 4000N) Light tension: 88 to 350lbs
  • Weight: 9.3lbs (4.2 kg)
  • Sealing type: Friction Weld sealing

The BXT2-19 comes with two batteries and a charger. One battery can always be kept on the charger as a back up, while the other one is in use. The battery is very durable and is not known to break down soon. The charging time too is very quick when compared to other batteries in the market.

Most users like to use the tool in the automatic mode. When the button is pressed, the LED lights come up. Since it is very important to get the weld right, you need to set it up for strapping. The automatic weld function speeds up the cycle time. After this is done, the strapping is very easy.

Ergonimics of RCNS2-114 Help Simplify Sealing Process

Strapping of heavy duty applications needs to be carried out very cautiously more so when strapping seals are in difficult positions. Pneumatic sealer tools can be of great help in situations when productivity and safety are both crucial factors. The fact that these tools use compressed air adds to the safety factor. Signode introduces advanced versions of pneumatic sealers which can be widely used for various industrial applications.

RCNS2-114, belonging to the Signode family, is one such reverse notch pneumatic sealerSignode-RCNS2-275x245 that has become quite popular because of its superb ergonomics and extended lifespan. Designed to cater to various strapping needs, this device is really easy and safe to operate. Those who have this idea that strapping metal or other heavy products demands intensive labor, will be surely impressed by this pneumatic sealer’s smooth and simple operation.

Features of RCNS2-114

  • Strap qualities provided are high tensile and regular
  • Strap dimensions: 1-1/4″ wide and 0.025″-0.031″ thick and the strap material is steel
  • Single reverse notch joint
  • Snap/ push seal of 1.25 inch
  • Separate tensioner is needed for tensioning purpose
  • The tool weighs around 6.1 lbs.
  • Sealing strength of approx. 16KN is achievable

RCNS2-114: A preferred sealing option

One major reason the Signode RCNS2-114 is a preferred options is due to the pistol shaped grip which makes it easy to operate single handedly. It provides highly reliable and durable single reverse notch joint seals on high tensile strapping.

This high-tech tool helps reduce operation time and fatigue. Thus it is widely used in varied and difficult applications like construction of oil drilling platforms, installation of cables and wires, chemical and water treatment plants, fiber fabrication, paper packing, etc. The device has particularly benefited metal and different types of heavy duty strapping.

The whole tool and spare parts are made of best quality and highly durable alloys thus extending its lifespan. Spare parts are easily available which makes it easy and inexpensive to repair/ maintain.

When combined with a feed wheel tensioner, this sealer performs even more efficiently and effortlessly.

Now that you know significant features of RCNS2-114 and how it can help save cost and time, the next thing to decide is whether it is ideally suited for your specific requirements. The best way to ensure that is to get in touch with a reliable dealer which has detailed knowledge about sealing and tensioning products of Signode.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tools and PRHR-114

In the steel strapping industry, there are a variety of options available among the selection of strapping tools and their accompaniments. Companies like Signode who are among the world leaders in strapping solutions, produce manual, battery operated, and pneumatic tools to meet any level of packaging demands in various industries and even for smaller projects. Signode also produces combination style pneumatic tools, like the PRHR – 114, that eliminate the need to handle a variety of tools for a single operation. The PRHR – 114 combination strapping tool is a push type strapping tool, mostly used in the steel strapping industry.

Advantages of using pneumatic tools for strapping – With the growing needs of the strapping industry in the areas of quantity, quality and speed, pneumatic tools are fast gaining popularity due to the following reasons:

  • The push of one button allows for application of greater and more precise tension in straps.
  • The pneumatic tools are more durable than manual tools
  • Pneumatic tools require lower maintenance and also have a longer lifespan
  • Pneumatic tools reduce the risk of human error
  • These tools are extremely cost effective
  • They are easy to use and can be used in stationary as well as mobile operations.
  • These tools provide the highest pre-tension available in the market.
  • Pneumatic tools also ensure greater time saving in packaging functions while also increasing productivity.

The PRHR – 114, is a push type combination tool that is ideally used in steel strapping applications. The tools uses air power to create greater tension and accuracy in the seals and the strapping cut. The Signode PRHR – 114 is ideal for strapping packages with rounded or uneven edges. The PRHR – 114 is among the most popular tools used in the steel strapping industry due to its user friendly features.


Technical specifications for the Signode PRHR – 114

  • Strap type – Magnus
  • Strap width – 1 and ¼ inches
  • Strap thickness – 0.025” – 0.035”
  • Seal name – Push type 1.25 inch push seal
  • Joint type – Notch
  • Weight – 34 lbs.
  • Tension – Up to 6230 N


The PRHR -114 is made of the most durable alloys and metal which ensure that it has a longer life than other strapping tools and it also requires lower levels of maintenance. The PRHR – 114 is also easy to use because of its design and user friendly button push operation features.




Is There a Battery Strapping Tool Made in USA?

If you are like me, you prefer to buy made in USA.  It may cost a bit more, but it is going to be well made, and last long. Made in USA is very important for industrial tools that get lots of strapping run through them. Unfortunately, Signode’s plastic strapping tool battery line is not made in the USA. Signode buys from their sister company, Orgapack, and imports their strapping guns.

However, there is a new company that is designing and manufacturing USA made battery strapping tools, Golden Bear! They have some incredible concepts of strapping tensioners, and will soon have combination strapping tools that are American made. I got to see two of their battery tensioners at PackExpo, and they are very exciting!

Signodes BXT, BXT2-16, BXT2-19, BXT2-32 are good strapping tools, but to me, it is nice to see an American manufacturer producing battery strapping tools.

Signode’s Steel Strapping Tools

Signode’s tools for steel strapping:

Signode’s feedwheel strapping tools:

ST, T, TH-114

Signode’s pusher feedwheel strapping tools:


Signode’s windlass strapping tools:

4A1-114, 4A1-2

Signode’s rack pusher strapping tool:


Signode’s steel strapping sealers:

C (1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″), RCD-3431, RCD-1431, B-250, C-1435

Signode’s pneumatic steel strapping tensioners:

PN2-114, FN-114T, HN-1-114, WP-2

Signode’s pneumatic steel strapping sealers:

RCND-34, RCND-114

Signode’s combination steel strapping tools:

SCM-12 SCM-Ti-12
SCM-58 SCM-Ti-58 SCMH-58
SCM-34 SCM-Ti-34 SCMH-34



PNSC 2-12
PNSC 2-58
PNSC 2-34
PNSC 2-34 HT

PRHM-34 PRHR-114